[The People Vs DeMario Murray ] Run Up..Get Done Up


DeMario Murray is a transgender freshmen at Wayne State University who may be charged with felony assault and sentenced up to 10 years after an altercation in his dorm room. Allegedly 3 women who were harrassing DeMario and calling him names forced their way into his dorm room where during a fight 1 of the 3 young women had been strangled and now she is pressing charges! And if he is found Guilty He May Be Sentenced up to 10 years in prison.

Now not to offend anyone BUT you probably would never see Me at a Gay Pride Parade or standing outside with signs pushing Gay Marriage propaganda…but this story really got THE RANT TURNED UP IN ME…LOL

I hate to keep beating the dead horse of the “Ray Rice case” but how can these women keep attacking men and somehow end up being The Victims ??

•Lesbian. ..
•circus folk
•people with over bites…

it really doesnt matter…a Human Being is a Human Being and deserve to be Treated like one ….

Do i understand homosexuality?
Do i even fully know what being transgender means??
Sorrtaaa …i mean..its..ummm…
NO im lost…lol

But what i do know is if you barge your way into my personal space on that tip..
In the words of my favorite illiterate southern rapper Lil Scrappy.. “imma put the paws on em” too..

It blows my mind to think how the mood changed from screaming obscenities…to screaming HEEEELP HEEEELP HES CHOCKING ME!!??

Im not Condoning Violence in anyway…
but i am a Full Advocate and Supporter of SELF DEFENSE

Once you attack me i forget ..
Your Gender
Your Age
Your Religion
what church you go to
if we related
your credit score

It know longer matters….

Suicide in the gay community has sky rocketed with the anti gay discrimination or just harrassment and even attacks…

Now I don’t compare the fight for Gay Rights to the Fight for Civil Rights


It jus doesn’t take away the fact that the boys sexual orientation is not the issue. ..just like when treyvon martin was murdered..
The World went crazy cuz a white man Killed a Black Kid..

How bout we get mad that somebody killed anybody!!
im just saying
Even this headline was about a transgender… to make it more controversial but it also takes away from the subject at hand…3 woman attacked a MAN…

and then one of them got chocked…
Sounds pretty standard to me..lol

cause.. effect simple right..lol

But i digress…the fact this case is even going to trial blows my mind!!

When is the judicial system going to start holding WOMEN accountable for putting their hands on MEN…

look at videos that go viral..well watch a girl bust another girl in the head with a shovel..thats funny??

A guy beat a man with a hammer…no big deal…

But a Guy chocks a girl after she attacks and harrass him…and shes the victim

Somebody has to make a stand…Now..as a Man..NO HE SHOULDNT BEAT A WOMAN INTO THE FLOOR …




I know im making light of the situation but theirs nothing funny about a young man going to jail for up to 10 years..
For 10 minutes for defending himself…

Its self defense because if they would have never been in his room..in his space..
None of this would have ever happened….

I mean O.J. simpson got off and everybody knew he killed his wife…

Too bad we cant call Mr. Cochran anymore. .may his soul rest in peace…

But if i could end this rant pleading his case. .id stand up..and say Your Honor…a Crime has been committed today…one..that will go down in history…the world will remember that judge who stood on Gay Rights. .and called them.. Just Human Rights…to not allow bullies..to run wild..just because theyre smaller in frame…
When technically this young man actually in his mind..hes a woman too…meaning this was just a fight…he was not aware of the physical disadvantage the other women had because of his self perception..but the women did and they attacked him anyway…
So your honor Go down in History as The Judge that Told Bullies..to back off..Gay Straight Black or White….
You will respect us….
Not Guilty….is the verdict your honor…

Then id turn to the Jury and say… or like my uncle tony always says…


*drops suitcase unbuttons suit jacket and puts feet on desk*


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