[Politics] Yes …We…Can….Well..Sort of!!


2008 Marked a Huge Day…. Young People Voted…Old People Voted. ..Gay Straight…Tall short…Anybody who could got up and made their voice heard….

Dont you remember. ..
The T Shirts
The commercials
The buttons

You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Obama’s face … TV,
Hearing his voice on radio…I mean
It was like the guy was a celebrity !!

4 years later… thousands of troops came home from Iraq…. Stimulus Package….Twice…Millions Released for Small Businesses, “Big 3” Bailout in Detroit….and Last But Not Least….ObamaCare

and the crowd…goes…wild. ..


What happens next…Government shut down… food stamps cut off Nation Wide for a few weeks…

Arguements among Congress…Obama Care Website overload… Embassy Bombing…Unemployment Shoots thru the roof… Treyvon Martin, Furgeson, Ebola… and the list Goes on and On and on…
And all I can say for Mr. PRESIDENT  is… that has to be the worst job in the World. ..

Right… Wrong

Mr. President has single handedly inherited the worst Job in America aside from the guy that’s carrying the shovel behind the elephants at the circus….

He’s said many things he hasn’t cashed in on…
Jobs are still minimal. ..despite some of the programs for college students..

A Top Notch Education is still seemed to be out of Reach for the evaporating middle class…

But with this All Said No President before him has ever walked into the storm Barack has and will go down as 1 of the Best Presidents of All Time!!

Not because He was Black…
But Because of the Things he was able to accomplish while in his seat…

Has he catered to fortune 500 companies and oil franchises
oh yea..
But he’s also helped the poor… he’s created programs for 1st time home owners. ..
People on welfare…
He’s forced the World to remember their IS A MIDDLE CLASS…or atleast  Their should be..

So i, if nobody else is, forever in debted  to the milestones made… especially me living in Detroit Michigan most of the World don’t understand the magnitude of him Saving Chrysler & General Motors had on the Entire States economy …

But it does raise the Question :
If  Obama was WHITE..

But I Digress. .

The 1 thing in America that didnt happen with It having its 1st Black President ..was  Acceptance of the AFRICAN AMERICAN RACE…

Honestly it seemed like it’s Gotten worst…racial tensions have actually boiled over ever since the White House Got a Black Man in it.

And it seems that Presidents have destroyed files, committed adultery in the Oval office, bombed buildings that made medicine for children, sent the country to a war that would cripple the economy… BUT

I don’t enjoy playing The Race Card but it seems it is the Only Hand The World Plays…

Until we Begin to Use each OTHER Each Gender as vices the nation will never be fixed… it will remain a Supremacist Minded Culture. .. Let’s Not Vote for the 1st Black..,1st Woman…
Because as long as those things matter well fall shorter at the polls then those polls in Florida when Bush..lost…I mean won..lol

Election Year is approaching us and the Clinton talk is already Gettin it together and the 1st female President makes a Great headline…but doesn’t truly display change….

OR progress

The Fact that she’d be recognized as the first woman proves we haven’t evolved as a people since the era of Willie Lynch…

Change was promised to come by BARAK but unfortunately.. that’s a promise he won’t keep.. but with that being said a catch phrase would never SPARK TRUE CHANGE..

The people have to be that change…
So I don’t care the sex or race of the next president. .. honestly it be nice to have a President that Was Openly Christian In his/her decision making..

“The Holy Spirit told me to go sit down with China
that’d be dope…that’s just me..

But i shall no longer digress…lol

Either way…until the vote is for a person for the people..instead of the person that only represents 1 group of people..  Obama’s promise will never come to pass…

Approval Ratings High Or Low..
Barack You’ve done an Awesome Job
But Americas Approval Rating is low… it’s probably about 1% of the entire population that consider US a nation. ..
So unfortunately because of this you being Black is probably what you’ll be remembered for…

I’m not saying the World has to be Blind for us to grow….
But We’ll only Move Forward as a Nation. .
When we Realize what to Focus on…

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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