{Christian Rant} Hard Out Here


Yo its real life out here. Ppl struggling with demons they know nothing about! Dun lost a battle they didn’t even know they were in. There are strong holds and generational curses on some people so tough that they begin to accept their current position as their ending spot.
As I look around, I see the look of defeat. It’s all on the hearts, minds, faces, actions and decisions of these individuals. Anger, pride, selfishness, sadness, depression, lust, pain, low self-esteem, hatred, suicide, procrastination, disrespect and ignorance plague the minds of OUR people.

What makes it so crazy is the fact that its people that we’re surrounded by on an everyday basis… so what are you going to do about it??

I remember seeing children as young as 14 admiring the most irrelevant people and it just broke my heart. When asked what do you want to be when you grow up.. a 12 year old young lady said, “I want to be like Kash Doll.” Now I had to ask a few people and do a few google searches and to my findings.. Kash Doll is a stripper. Now when asked why she would like to become like Kash Doll her response was, “because she has long weave, gets a lot of likes on Instagram and makes a lot of money” ….Guhh whet??just  had me just flabbergasted. This little girl is DREAMING of becoming NOTHING more than a desired female.

A desire that is short lived because the demand and requirement of wearing the shoes of a stripper is very very high and tiring buttttt before I digress let me bring it back home and to the matter at hand. We HAVE to expose our children to more than what we had access to. It does not matter how old or how young you are. YOU can do any and everything you want! You can have ANYTHING you can desire and you can become whoever you want to be!

You HAVE to become at peace with your past. Because still struggling with our past will only make us limit the expectations of the following generation. It’s not about what we want, how much money we’ll make or how many people we know.. it’s about gaining knowledge to pass it down to the next generation. If today’s children are our future then.. Lord take me now!

Parents: take care of your children. Raise them! Do not allow pizza rolls, videos, tru religion, basketball wives, scandal and beyonce be all that they know. Go to museums, do a project a week, cook for your children, GO TO WORK SO THAT THEY SEE YOU GRINIDING!! YOU can be the odd ball and succeed in life! All it takes is a little determination, a whole lot of faith and confidence in YOURSELF. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation.

Don’t be afraid to smile at others, compliment someone, tell jokes, go to school, go to work, love your family and have a vision! Don’t just breathe to death.. Live A Little.

Be Easy..



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