{Christian Rant } Do it for The Boobies!! Breast Cancer Awareness


We here at the christian rant are definitely in full support of the boobies!! Lol

But Seriously October is “Officially” Breast Cancer Awareness Month…
But we all understand the seriousness of this Disease…
The families it has torn apart… marriages it has broken and for many Years….
This Disease left the World feeling pretty helpless…
But the difference between those days and now Are…


It can’t only be a cause Victims Care about and Get involved in

If you notice we sited below a couple sites you can donate to for Breast Cancer research and Curing this thing completely. Wearing Pink makes the issue known that you support the cause whether you know A Survivor. .or a Victim… we as a people have the Power to Become the Cure!

And as long as we Fight for the cure…
As long as we don’t give up…

So today We at the christian rant DARE YOU to go Pink..in Your Posts..in Your Mind.. Maybe Even donating to A Organization that promotes Breast Cancer Awareness. .. It can be as little as wearing a Pink shirt or Bracelet. ..because that small gesture for you…is Huge to a Person who has Lost someone..or Still has someone because of people like you who cares…

We need each other… to care about each others problems. ..to let each other know… “Hey… I support your Fight and Admire your Strength and Courage”
Whatever level you show your support Make sure Your Support is Felt…
Because You Never know who You Inspire…
To Never Give Up…
And the Might all someone needs to Not Let Death Kill Their Dreams and Keep on The Fight for the Cure…

Together. .We Will Find the Cure!!

Shout out to all the survivors if you know any survivors email us @ thechristianrant@gmail.com and we’ll promote their courage and Motivate People on this Monday!!

Breast Cancer Statistics

Shades of Pink Foundation

Charity Navigator
Donate now

St. Judes Children Research Hospital
Donate now

American Cancer Society
Donate now

Susan G. Komen

Christian Rant


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