{Christian Rant} Addiction or Excuses!!


So The Movie Addicted Hit Theater’s from the Popular Book written by Zane… but the topic of SEX ADDICTION has been apart of heated discussion for sometime now…

I might be showing my age right now as 1 of the “Senior” Bloggers here at The Christian Rant

Crazy how I’ve never seen Lindsay Lohan come to media and apologize to the media for being a Cocaine addict…why did Tiger have to tho…

Wait I digress. ..

But then watching Another Television show a young man had 3 children and 3 baby mothers and he said the reason was because he has a “Sex addiction”…

And I was like, “self..what an awesome way to get out a bind. ..”

“Officer I’m sorry I was speeding….I have a speed addiction”
Then I imagine the officer saying…”get out of you crazy kid…it’s alright I had a uncle with the same problem” he chuckle to himself then go on his way harrassing unarmed young black kids…

Oops…I mean go back to protecting and serving… lol

Or when your about to have a heart attack you can say “wait..Lord..I have a Eating addiction”

Christ looks down on you…and says oh yea..my 3rd cousin Buddha had the same thing… okay heart keep beating…and you live….

Wait last one. …
You fail a test and you go to the teacher like… “Miss Jackson (Shout out to Ms.Jackson that Worked at Paul Robeson in Detroit Michigan…definitely was the reason I passed) BUT SORRY I GOT SIDE TRACKED…

I must have a Low Attention Span Addiction. …lol
As I was saying. Lol

You fail a test and you tell your teacher, ” I’m sorry I have a NOT INTERESTED ADDICTION.. That’s the only reason I never study or listen in class ” she gives you a look…smirks..then turns that F to an A…and says “it’s oka my dad had the same thing”

And don’t get me wrong I’m not making light of people being oppressed by addiction…
Because it is Very Real…but sometimes
We use any reason not to be responsible for ourselves…

And how come theirs no convenient addictions…like… Spritual Addiction…where all you do is worship God no matter what..

Sorry Sir “I would cuss you out for drinking all the koolaid…but i have to just love you and smile because I have a Spiritual Addiction” lol

But back to the Movie Addiciton

The Movie was basically a bunch of raunchy pointless sex scenes to distract the viewing public from a less than mediocre script and sub par acting..
But that is not the point…

Sex addiction tho?? Seriously. .that’s why you have unprotected sex…BUT a •outer box
•a lock screen
•screen protector
•password protected
All of this for YOUR PHONE DOE

BUT WE’LL CRAWL IN THE BED WITH SOMEONE we don’t even know their favorite color and Risk several Sexually Transmitted Diseases. .. a few that can KILL you..but Hey its worth the Risk…

Because YOU..have an addiction …

But the addiction ISN’T ALWAYS an addiction it’s really just a person lacking any moral standards or conviction. …
But thats none of my business. .

I think if we began to admit weakness to find Strength instead of suggest illness and self medicate to cloud a true problem…

Just like many years ago we didn’t diagnose kids with ADHD or any other Disorder that has more kids doped up now then ever before opposed to Parents actually being more attentive to their child’s needs and finding hobbies or activities for them to use their energy constructively..instead of just be high. ..and this starts the blame game…

I was fighting in school because I have a Attention Disorder…
Then we get older and say I can’t sleep and start taking sleeping pills. ..i can’t focus. ..so I take over the table meds and abuse them….

Training ourselves to make excuses…
Medicate our problems then wake up addicted but crippled without accountability. ..or control over our own lives

But I’ve digressed again..

I’ll say this…it’s hard to say whether Sex addiction is Real..Just like addictions to Pornography. . Or drugs…gambling. .idk. .
But as long as Medicate and Self Diagnose ….
No cure will be found…because we prefer to live with these demons…give them names..

Instead of Taking control of our lives Looking for Help..and Demanding CHANGE…

Rant Over
Christian Rant


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