{Reader Rants} Women Can Birth Boys…But Can They Raise Men? By: #KillasThoughts


First off … let me start by saying single mothers I commend you and your efforts for raising your children alone and doing all you can do… alone to make sure your kids have a fighting chance to succeed in life…but with that being said as a single mother if you have a son or sons it is impossible for you to be able to teach him how to be a man in the world we reside in.

Get it out your head because it is impossible.

At the end of the day every REAL MAN in this world had influence by a male somewhere in their life. It could of been a coach on which he was a member of a team who was that role model or male figure he used to study or talk to. It could of been a teacher, uncle, brother, counselor or some wise old souls in the neighborhood who schooled him on manhood and how to carry himself as a man and in various situations how to act accordingly.

First off..
my women stop thinking you can do it alone. (or that you should ever happen toc.r.)

That mindset just usually pushes away great men from the opportunity of wanting to be in your kids life…if there is a man who is in his life especially his dad let that man be in his life because that baby boy will grow up and there will be things you cant teach him or show him as a man in this world at various stages of his life…not to many woman know how to tie a neck tie or change a tire or do handy work…its tons of things that the young boy will need male guidance in especially discipline because it will be a time when your baby boy is no longer a baby and them licks and whippings wont hurt him and he is going to poke his chest out and feel like, “mom cant hurt me so I can do as I please”…

Secondly, if you knew what it took to make a great man why do you have so much horrible luck in the men you choose as your partners.

If you can teach your son to be such a great man then you know the qualities it take, the values and guidance and knowledge it require so you should be making better choices in who you choose.
Its no way you possess the info on what it takes to be a man but cant pick out a good one for yourself. With all this being said you single moms do a fabulous job as single moms but you cant raise a boy into a man no matter how hard you try it is a mans job to do and stop pushing these men who want to be in that boys life away with that I can do it on my own I dont need and my son dont need a male figure in his life crap…



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