[DETROIT] Righteous Youth Church Hosts Harvest Night

9755 Chalmers Longview Detroit Mi well definitely send some of our people this is awesome idea to keep kids safe and having fun!!

Show and Tell Gospel


Righteous Youth Church just had one of their biggest events, All night Right for the 12 and up crowd, but this weekend it’s all about the kids ages 4-11!

If you have or know of any 4-11 year olds, join Righteous Youth Church for Harvest Night on Saturday, October 25th at 6pm! There are so many activities for the young children to enjoy themselves and parents, you get a couple of hours to just go and do you!

Similar to a lock in, Harvest Night is designed to give youth a night of good clean fun! There’s games, food, activities, a movie and so much more all for the low price of $5! All attendees are encouraged to wear costumes just to add to the fun event!

Righteous Youth Church is located at 9755 Chalmers Detroit, MI 48213. To register your child, or youth group call the church office at 313-839-5200.

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