{Letters From Her} You Earned it ?!


Then BOOM! You’re smacked down to the ground. Tried squaring up with your dude and now you’re trying to press charges for a fight that you initiated! All those pokes in the face, smacks to the forehead, punches to the chest and pushes to the back of this man’s head has landed you a first class trip to the floor. So now you’re on the floor screaming, “HOW COULD YOU??” sounding just like Yvette from baby boy.. “You said you’d never hit me!”

Welllll I don’t remember you telling that man that you’d be going through his phone in the wee hours of the morning, you didn’t tell him that you were nagging, lazy and negative.  

Seems like y’all both kept secrets huh?? Didn’t your mother teach you to keep your hands to yourself?? Every man wasn’t told that he’s almost 4 times stronger than a woman. Some people were taught.. hit me and get hit. With men like Ray Rice and Chris Brown careers being DESTROYED it seems like everyone is #teamladiesarethevictims HOWEVER no one knows what these women did to these men!? For every action there is a consequence.

 We are failing to realize that the media ONLY leaked and discussed the man’s reaction. Since y’all want to bring attention to the act of domestic violence let’s teach about how men are victims as well!

Let’s discuss fighting COUPLES like Ike and Tina Turner. Does it make it better that we’re finding examples of married folk fighting? Of course not! BUT if we’re going to discuss an issue to this magnitude then let’s be real! Ladies keep your hands to YOURSELF! YOU KNOW THAT THIS MAN IS STRONGER THAN YOU! It’s like you’re asking for it.

Besides, if all y’all do is argue… LEAVE. No one is worth your happiness. Granted: love isn’t always pineapples drenched in sugar… but I do know that love is NOT lying, fighting, stressing, cheating nor is it insecure. Leave before you get hurt; both mentally and physically. It’s really not worth it. Avoid it at all cost!

Now let me clear this up… No I am not a fan nor am I excusing the behavior of domestic violence towards men or women but I am an advocate of equality. Taking it back to elementary days.. don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. It’s simple.

Be Easy,


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