You are Unique, so is your Life’s Path


You are unique, and so is your life’s path.

When you look within, what makes you similar to the other person?

Your thoughts, emotions, your experiences of life, what?

When everything is different, what do you expect to have yourself common with any other person, who ever landed on this earth.

People are looking for similarities between Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Muhammad. It’s because they cannot see the uniqueness in them. You see the world, with your own perception, and sometimes even the enlightened beings are lost in comparing the Christ and Buddha consciousness.

God has made every person unique, and the separate path for everyone, that leads to him through different experiences of life.

Spirituality and Religion.


Spirituality and religion serves you to understand your own path and your unique individuality in your mind. I am not saying in this complex world, because nothing is outside, everything is inside…

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