{Motivational Monday } The Man Who Says He Can’t


the man who says he can…and the man who says he can’t. ..are both usually RIGHT
-Will Smith

I played this phrase over and over again after watching a Youtube video titled Why Do We Fall Motivational Video then searched and downloaded it.

It was a concept I had never heard broken down Before… something presented so simply but the complexity of implementing this ideology had for some reason escaped me for so many years!
It reminded me of someone I used to know…someone I’d like to call, “the man who says he CANT . …

A man that wakes up every morning works hard helps people doesn’t really cause any fuss… a person that has found his laneand has dedicated HIS LIFE HIS CHOICES EVEN HIS THOUGHTS within that realm.

A Person who Kept dreams at night time and when he woke up went back to “Reality” back into the corner of a life the World has allowed him..the economy has Graced him with and he has asked for no more…No less…

So many of us in Life see what We Can have an Allow the World to Set Our Limits!!

We Hear stories about Michael Jordan.. Will Smith…Bill Gates…Steve Jobs…even Lil Wayne…Jay Z…Barry Sanders….Oprah Winfrey… Tyler Perry…etc

But when we hear about those people we somehow never identify one thing about those people that we all have in common….
they’re human

As People Most of Us Hear about Greatness and Treat it like a Myth… like a Locness Monster of History…and we never Try..We Never Go after Anything Outside OUR LIMITED VISION…


You want to know the Wealthiest Place in the World…The 1 place that has the Most Promise…The Biggest Dreams and Best Investions???

its the cemetery
Because so many people when they DIE they take with them The Best Companies. ..The Coolest Inventions…The Weathliest Philatropiests…The People who everyone Would have Loved to Meet…Dead and Unfurfilled….

Let that sit on you for a second

Who told you You Can’t Have Great!!
Who Told you What’s Out of Reach….

And who Told Them…To even be considered A credible source??!!

Somebody told Michael Jordan he wasn’t good enough to make the team but they said he could stay on as the teams water boy…

What would have happened if he would have accepted that position…

Records Were Created to be Broken.. Limits are created to Be exceeded….

Their was a time when people said you couldn’t sail a boat too far because the World was flat… imagine if that person would have accepted that…
The people that wouldn’t be met.. the world’s explored??

Today I want you to know….
That God created you to Leave Your Mark!!
He created You To MEET …CANT and MAKE IT A LIAR…


Today I want you to know that You Are the Only Person that Can Do what God Created You to Do…
And it is AMAZING!!
But you have to Believe and Go After it!!

Instead of Believing You CANT….like the man that confessed Defeat….
Believe You Have to. ..
Then Get Up Chase Great
… And Make Greatness Happen!!!

History isn’t Destined to be Made…. But
You Are Destined to Make HISTORY

-Demetrious Early

have a great week..and go all Kanye on The World….
Be like…imma let you finish But I’m Great and it’s Nothing You can do to Stop Me!!


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