{Reader Rants} Does Our Future Have 1 ? By : KillasThoughts


Let me first start by saying does anyone, child or kid in this new 21st century even has goals seriously(Higher Education Wise). As I look through my FB(Facebook) pg and see my younger friends who have recently left high school or are in that area in life now I can’t help but to see the lack of conversation about college, skill trades or any next level education…

When I was coming along even though I’m only 28 it was always spoke on, addressed and made aware of the benefits of persuing a higher level education. The majority of people I knew as well as most of the people in my era all wanted to attend college for the parties, the schooling, the sports, the friendships you’ll make, the networking, and the references.

To be honest even if you don’t finish or for whatever reason have to leave whether it be financial, grades, having kids or whatever the reason may be atleast you did step foot in a college or university. At the least you went through the admission/orientation process and did a few semesters which you still meet great people and learn alot.

I myself did 2.5yrs of college in Louisiana and then Kansas on a basketball scholarship but left to help raise my daughter back home because I felt it was more important at that time that I be with my child & help her mom. But even in that time period the friendships, connections I made, and the people I still converse with now from those experiences are priceless. I could literally pack up and move to Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Washington D.C., Cali, Las Vegas & a few other places because of those friendships. The people I met who may be CEO’s or head supervisors at a company if I was looking for employment. The various fields different friends went off into so if I need adviceThere is a ton of value in attending college or trade school or any higher level education after high school.

This new flock of ppl and kids or young adults only because at 18 your considered an adult even though most 18yr olds including myself are or were no where near ready to conquer the world totally on their own. You still need those training wheels for a little while because once you hit that door at 18  and are thrown into life head first you are just as a new born fawn…but these kids now dont even mention attending college or wanting to truly better there situation, better there parents situation. You should always strive to be better and progress and the way our country is set up the only fighting way we and especially my black kinfolk is to get that higher education besides “KNOWLEDGE is POWER”.

So many doors will open up and so many barriers will be broken down. There is more to life then smoking weed, drinking, popping pills or trying to hustle your way into a better way of life.

All of those will either land you into incarceration or dead!!! Lets get back to getting our youth’s mindset on positive thinking and positive reaction starting with the persuit of that next level education…lets get back excited about applying to colleges and the concern of not getting in which pushes you and fuels the fire of being great and doing all you can to make sure your accepted. Lets get back to the happiness of opening those acceptance letters. Lets get our youth not just our own kids but our youth especially our young black American youth excited about college, skill trades and next level education in various aspects.

Lastly with all that being said it starts with us…the adults, the 25 & over. We must be the force to get our kids back on the right track and back focused on doing what it takes to be more than a minimum wage employee(not knocking those ppl but if you have a opportunity to make salaried wages or $20-$40 per hr why not take a shot at by obtaining a degree ir certain certifications. But it starts with us elders, PERIOD!!!



Christian Rant


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