{ Letters From ” Her “} Girl Quit Lying


Whatchu mean you’re dating God ??  Girrrrrllll quit yo lying!

“God is my boyfriend” “Im dating God” “Jesus is man of my dreams”… ugh what do you mean?? So you mean to tell me that you’re dating the creator on the UNIVERSE…??  Like he’s up for grabs or something??? If so let me know what to do and what to wear so I can get his attention too!!!  Why you being stingy with the perfect man???  But no seriously!! I’ve heard this saying soooo many times and it has become a bit redundant! Now don’t get me wrong… it’s cool to be in your single season however, filling your head with the infamous line… “Im sorry but Im dating God” is just a whole lot of too much! Like im curious… did he ask you out or did you ask him?? What’s his favorite meal and how does he feel about you sounding all bit of crazy claiming Him as your boo!

I get it, “allowing God to fill every void” because believe me…  I know He can do it because He does it for me each and every single day! Buttttttttt saying He’s bae will make any and every man that wanted to approach you RUN AWAY! Trust me, Im an advocate for having peace with yourself so allow that to happen during this single season of your life. Build your ministry, go after your purpose, finish school, travel… girl allow God to allow you to fall in love with YOU. You don’t want to be so focused on the man that you don’t have and miss becoming the woman you are called to be.

Being single is not a curse nor is it a sign that you are unwanted. You are on reserve for the one that’ll make your heart flutter.  Now hear me good and clear when I say this… STOP TRYING TO QUALIFY EVERY MAN THAT COMES YOUR WAY. You’re stepping on God’s toes when you start making plans and catching feelings for men that were never suppose to receive conversation from you. WAIT before you start making up your mind to be stuck up Susan I want to shine some light on the difference in being stuck up and simply having morals along with standards that are not lenient. When you’re stuck up you have an attitude for absolutely no reason! You are rude and feel as if certain people are beneath you. Now when you have morals and standards you care about the well being of others but most importantly you understand who you are and the love you have to share.

Understand that there are several different mentalities that we can experience during our single season. We could be:

1) Single and Searching: your daily prayer consists of God sending you a mate. The thought a Godly man seems like the missing puzzle piece.

2) Single and Successfully Serving: you are motivated and determined to do what needs to be done to obtain what you want. You’re in school, building your ministry, loving you and handling business. Your prayer consists of asking God to increase in your life and reveal different issues to you.

3) Single and Sharing: you’ve acknowledged the fact that you’re single and is not afraid to let everyone know! You gone on numerous of dates, spent a multitude of time getting to know this person and that individual. Now your shackled down and asking God to free you from strongholds.

…… and the list goes on and on.

My point? A lady addresses strangers but isn’t too friendly. She smiles but does not flirt. She is hidden in Christ but not hiding from a man looking for a wife. She is selective of the company she keeps. She speaks positive and uplifting words. She dresses well but not for attention. She is noticed but does not announce herself. She speaks with wisdom and full of intelligence. Her posture is of a stallion and confidence oozes from her pores.  She is patient, responsible and respected. She is a Lady of Virtue; a woman adorned by God. Be her and allow God to do the match making. He knows what’s best.

Be Easy

Christian Rant


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