{Motivational Monday} Me and Monday Have A Love & Hate Relationship? ?



Right before you closed your eyes last night, what was the last thing on your mind? Were you dreading today, were you counting your tasks one by one and overloading your thinking before the day even got here? What was on your mind last night, right before you closed your eyes to sleep? I can imagine you reading this revisiting your thoughts from last night, already placing chaos on your day, already ruling out Monday to be dreading and overwhelmed. Monday’s have such a terrible reputation; it’s the beginning of a new week, a new week that you hate facing. You love Friday’s so much because they conclude the week Monday started, the week you didn’t maximize, the week that didn’t push you closer to your goals, to your dreams, the week you took advantage of, the week that you had already cancelled out Sunday night. I think it’s all in your perception, you see I love Monday’s, they give me a fresh start. A fresh start to a new set of ideas and goals I set for myself to accomplish by Friday. Friday’s to me are even better because by Friday I should have accomplished the goals I set forth to do on Monday. Your thinking is what controls the outcome of your day. If you allow your thoughts to lead you with negativity your results will have a negative outcome. Romans 12:2 tells us to not be conformed to this world, don’t think the way the world thinks, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, which means we have to constantly check our way of thinking, we have to constantly change our thinking if we want our thinking to change our results.

You dread to see Monday’s come when you should be glad to see you made it! You should be glad God decided to give you one more day to try at it again, He gave you one more day to be the very best you can be. Yep, good ole Monday’s. Jesus died on a Friday, rose by Sunday and was stepping into His assignment by Monday; the Sabbath day is to rest, to prepare you for Monday. Now tell me Monday’s aren’t good! Monday’s are amazing it gives you the opportunity to chase great one more time, it gives you a chance to start over, to rethink your goals and chase them again. Love Monday’s, they were given as a second chance. Last Friday you didn’t accomplish the goals you set forth for yourself, you had Saturday and Sunday to recoup, regroup and gather your thoughts, now it’s Monday and you should be ready, ready to run the race again. Don’t misuse your Monday maximize it! Don’t take Monday’s for granted by Tuesday you’ve already lost a day and Wednesday puts you closer to Friday. When Friday’s make you excited and Sunday’s make you sad it’s only because you didn’t maximize your Monday! Be Motivated and encouraged, Monday’s aren’t as bad as you think, be great in your today, it’s the only day you get that will make tomorrow greater!


LaToya Early


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