{Music Rant} The Mind of A DREAMER


November 4th Has Never Been So HUGE OF A DAY!!

but yahll RANTS Better get up and Go Vote! ! Lol

Epic Movement The Band is Dropping their First Project DREAMER !!

So Maybe You don’t know what im talking about. ..

Today we want to Talk about A Guy whose Crazy Enough to DREAM and even Crazier to Tell People About it!!

His Name is D Rock aka @epic_musician On Instagram !! 

Now June 17 2014 D Rock and His Band “epic movement” dropped their first single Sway


Which you can Get on iTunes Right now!!

Anyway what makes this Album So Different. .what makes This so special ??

The Band Epic Movement have some how REDEFINED Music!!

They havent taken The Guitar..The Drums…Different sets of Keys…and made a MELODIC SIGNATURE that is Matched by No One!!

Never before Now have a Musician recruited other musicians to Create and INDIVIDUAL SOUND THAT WILL BRING TALK THE “COOL”.
GROWN MAN STUFF without being Old fashioned something the young guys can ball room too… Or the Woman of the house can sip some wine to…
Or whichever Late Night host is on at the Time can use to Open and Close from A commercial break! !

These Guys are Definitely something special and all i can say is Music Genius had definitely been floating around since ive first heard this band..and
The More People hear it…

It will no longer be a Secret that These DREAMERS…

This CD/DVD has also a Message of Perseverance and Courage! !

The title isn’t Dreamer because its catchy… its Strategic! !

Epic Movement’s purpose isnt just to Rock Your Socks with a Eclectic mix of both Jazz RandB and Soul But they want The World to Know that Dreams Dont only Come True. ..
But are Waiting for THE DREAMERS to believe in themselves and make it happen!!

After hearing this inspirational story D Rock has created thru short promo videos on Instagram ive learned that this Band is something special. ..because its strange to be in a World that’s all about its self and being materialism. .
And you Meet and Artist and a Band with a Agenda. .. To not just Make Music..but Do their Part of Making the World a Better Place…
By telling the World to. .. Dream !!!

So Dreamers Get Up and Dream Big then Go Get that Dream But FIRST MAKE SURE YOU ADD DREAMER To your Collection! !

☆ iTunes
☆ Amazon
☆Google play.

The dvd is available on his website http://www.drocksworld.com
Ph :(717-47D-ROCK)
Email : info@drocksworld.com


We here at Christian Rant we Give the Album DREAMER

5 out of 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ Originality
4 out of 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆    Presentation 5 out of 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ Relevance
5 out of 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ Message

Great Buy for The Entire Family!  All Type of People can Relate to the Music and Enjoy it at ANY setting!!

Go Get it.. DREAMERS


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