{Christian Rant } Dear Mr Christian



Dear Reader,

I definitely Understand your confusion and frustration with this issue its actually a pretty hot topic!!

I know youve heard the Term ” shacking up” ?!

And how it has been said to Be a SIN and shunned by the Church !!

Well first let me be the first person to tell you “shacking up” is NOT a Sin… nope..no where in scripture will you find..

thou shalt not liveth in quarters with bae’ith

Lol im joking but seriously thats not a SIN…

The Bible does talk about Sexual Immorality.. such as fornication, aldultery..etc:
Acts 15:20;1 Corinthians 5:1;6:13,18;10:8;2 Corinthians 12:21;Galatians 5:19;Ephesians 5:3;Colossians 3:5;1 Thessalonians 4:3
Just to name a few!!

But the Bible Does Say “its better to Marry then to Burn


(Bible App Flow) lol

That doesnt Mean JUST BURN IN HELL… No..
It Means Burn With Lust
Which Leads to Sin..
Because once you start Fantasizing. .or imagining about it…
You actually have already COMMITTED THE SIN…

“But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:28)

So Basically. ..
Living with “Bae” isn’t a SIN… but you

laying up wit bae
Waking up next to bae
Cuddling wit bae

Is all most people need to get the party started…..
N maybe NOT the 1st time… the 2nd time. .maybe even the first 30 days but the longer and longer…
Its waying on you..and all it takes is 1 slip up!!

Its basically like playing with fire but expecting to never get burned…
But who wants that to be their only options… be hot or get burned??!!

But see a person will say… “im not ready for marriage…”

Then why play house… why live together…sleep together but then look up and say BUT I DONT WANT TO MARRY YOU…

this mentality is the reason so many children’s Parents aren’t together. ..

Because we make Temporary Decisions. .that have Permenant outcomes!

If you need to live with someone before you can think about marrying. .. how come youll buy a car without driving it for years first…
Or only driving for 20 minutes…and getting a car note. .
Or getting a 30 year mortage on a house you haven’t yet lived in….??

So youll marry a house with less information than a person? ? Lol
But i digress…

The issue isn’t Living Together. .The Issue is putting yourself in harms way…
You might even be ruining the surprise for marriage…

Now days we take away any surprises when we Meet that Special someone because we couldn’t wait then when we do were. . Like “man i should have waited

Word to the Wise…
If you Want Married Life to Be Different than The Dating World Change the Rules. ..
Living together can wait. You 2 will have a lifetime to Learn Each other anyway…

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


4 thoughts on “{Christian Rant } Dear Mr Christian”

      1. I have come to realize that God uses all of us in different ways to touch those who will respond to His messages in different ways. Many will respond to a “rant” while others respond to the words that He gives me. The important thing is… It’s all about Him!!

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