{Letters From Her} Living This Lifestyle


Now im sure we have all heard of Young Thug’s song Lifestyle.

It’s annoying yet very catchy… we don’t really know what he’s saying but it’s played over and over again on the radio so it’s like no way to escape it. Butttttt before we get to discussing how “rappers” like Young Thug are destroying Hip Hop im going to move on… the question at hand now becomes what lifestyle are you living?

Any lifestyle that has an expectation of greatness is a lifestyle that doesn’t come easy. The more that you want out of life… the more we are required to give out. Now the hardest lifestyle that I think there is to live is the lifestyle of a believer.

The world has a completely different view of a host of things. From cursing to sex… shacking to drinking… forgiveness to love. If we were to abide by the rules and regulations of the world we’d literally be in a world of trouble.

I heard a wise man say that This World Aint Loyal… and it’s not!

If you were to hurt who hurts you and shack with any and every one that says they love you you’d be dealing with a broken heart. Your issues would never be solved and pain would ooze from your pours.

Now only greatness is expected from a great individual.

As a woman of God one of the hardest things to do is remain confident in Christ in a world full of coincident grown girls. “Grown girl” what is that??A female that is of the legal age to be considered grown but has yet to hit the maturity of confidently being herself. Instead of being defined as who the world says she should be she is allowing God to mold her into who HE designed her to be. She does not watch television in hopes to identify with the latest basketball wife nor is she looking at Olivia Pope as the ideal woman to be.

I know that it’s hard to be yourself when the world is telling you to be drunk in love like Beyonce’ or a thug like Jeezy. Seems as if everyone wants to be a part of the crowd and a member of the team but is the team you’re trying out for winning?

As a man of God I know that it can be difficult to remain a man of integrity and rooted in his word when the world’s favorite line is “Nice guys always finish last”. I’ve seen so many church boys hop from one lady to the next trying to be a “pew player”  all because the world’s favorite line is….. these hoes aint loyal. Welllllll first of all why would you think that a promiscuous individual would be loyal and secondly believe it or not the person that you’re interested in is a mirror of who you are. Every man does not have to be a cheater like Stevie J or Trey Songz.

Look I don’t want to bore you but I do want to let you know that it’s perfectly fine to be a woman and man of God. Wear His armor and His name with pride. Nothing in life worth having comes easy… trust in God and know that it ALL will work together for YOUR good! J


Be Easy…


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