Know & Experience the Language of the Heart

pictures are worth a millon words…and this blog is worth a million pictures!! awesome


Many times you may wonder that god has left you alone, in this huge existence?

God has placed heart in everyone so that he can serve every person to fulfill his desire and accomplish his purpose on earth.

The point is how many of us, are connected to our own heart, to receive the guidance on the path.

People want to be liberated, but they don’t listen to their own heart, and live life on the opinion of others. This way you disconnect with life. The only way to connect, is to listen to your inner core of the heart and follow it till the end.

Everyone knows this truth, that in the end, when time comes you stay alone. This doesn’t mean you discard everything around you, but remember the last stage of life, and decide your life’s path accordingly.

This is an achievement. This is not something that…

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