{Reader Rant} Why Go thru Hell with someone Who Can’t Take You to Heaven?


Why put yourself through hell with someone Who Cant Get You To Heaven ?.

When I get in a relationship, I date to marry. A lot of us are dating to play house. In order to get a key to a house, you have to have the proper documentation. In a marriage in order to be qualified as  “married” you have to have proper documentation as well. That’s why when it comes to a relationship you should date to marry.

Now, in order to get proper documentation for a marriage someone of a higher power has to sign off on it. If God did not sign off or give you the okay then why are you messing with them in the first place.?.Quit calling them your hubby / wife knowing they don’t have the mental capacity to even be in a productive Godly marriage.

The only other way to get in the house is if you have a spare key. We’ve been creating duplicates letting any and everyone come in out our house !!

🙌🙌🙌👏👏 by Christian Rant Yesss (sorry as your were lol)

Some houses are built with an alarm .. So if there’s an intruder , the alarm will disturb you.  We get all these signs and proof that he/she is no good via holy spirit yet we choose to ignore or disable our built in alarms and for what though?.

Even after a burglar comes in .. They create this mess.. torment, hurt, anger and heartbreak within us. But once you realize that a burglar has came in.. The very first thing that is recommended for you to do is… To change your locks. ! We have to change our mindset so the next time someone knocks they can’t get in !. Quit blaming God for your mistakes and get you stuff together !!

I’m just saying though.


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