{Letters From Her } Whats Goin’ On ??


               What going on?

In the words of the late and great Marvin Gaye… what’s going on?? I guess it’s nothing more truthful than the saying.. History repeats itself. Now with this statement I can come to two conclusions…

1) Learn from what has happened. Why do the same thing that has already been done KNOWING the results?

2) Do the unthinkable and be the odd ball. If everyone in your family/ circle is doing one thing and you see the result of their labor is not what you want … do the complete opposite. It’s nothing wrong with being the ambitious go getter.

Even with the Mike Brown killing we (our generation of people) lashed out instead of coming together to find peace. If we continue to do the same actions as the rioters in Detroit did in 1967 or if we continue to mirror the rioters of the Rodney King beating why do we expect a different outcome? To want better we must first do better. If we want to gain respect we have to first respect ourselves and allow that self-love to ooze from our pores resulting in an abundance of honor given. Respect is earned, however there are some individuals that are simply given respect because of their presentation of self.

Moving forward to the issue at the forefront of my list rants… MUSIC. Or should I just call it noise?? It’s like music now a day is a bunch of riff raff. Music today isn’t teaching, it isn’t mirroring my emotions, it’s not nurturing nor is it adding any value to my life. There was a time when music told a story. My Girl by The Temptations told you about a man that wanted to tell you about his girl and how much he loves and is happy to call her his. Even jumping to a different genre: granted Nas and Tupac was able to get the club rocking in addition to educating and sympathizing with real people about real problems. Songs like “Keep Yo Head Up” and “If I Ruled The World” gave some type of hope to the young person with a dim looking future. Songs like “You Are Beautiful” and “Waterfalls” instilled confidence a footsteps to fall into. Back when Hip-Hop and Rap was one in the same and it was easy to produce soundtracks of love with emotion-filled music.

I can’t listen to “Spend it” by 2Chainz and not receive a speeding ticket. Nor can I resist feeling a little hot and bothered when I hear “Panty Droppa”.  Women are no longer adorned and men aren’t respected and I can blame it all on MUSIC. The music industry is the platform of the elimination of the usage of our minds. What in the world is a YEEK? A prank? A joke? Pun intended. And what do you mean when you say” Try Me”? Like why would ask someone to make you upset? Why is it okay to make a music video with 2 threads too short of talking about an “Anaconda” and buns? And don’t get me started on the young man that wears skirts and favorite word (problem the only word he can pronounce clearly) is “LIFESTYLLLEEEEE”. There was a time when we could identify with music. “Black and Proud” was an anthem of not just a generation but for an entire race. “I’m a Stoner” is not a way to braggingly discuss “who” you are.

Music use to make you feel good. It provided a soundtrack to your life. The lyrics had meaning and mind space was activated by the message in the words. Artist would take their time and write down real thoughts but now it seems as if everything is freestyled and just repeated over and over. The beats all sound the same and the audience is just being temporarily entertained. People fail to realize just how imperative it is to monitor what we are being exposed to. The music, the people, the television shows and food we allow to consume our thinking plays a major role in the things we do and outlook that we have on life.

There is a song by Wu Tang Clan “triumph” where it says …light is provided through sparks of energy that travel in rhyme form …giving sight to the blind…the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum…one can only save self from…the relentless attack of the track spares none”. I say this to say that the enemy (Lucifer) was the angel of music. Therefore the biggest attack WILL come through music. If the enemy can have us distracted and so caught up on “what’s happening” then we will miss what’s to come. stay  alert and aware of the music we take in because spirits do transfer.

Respect yourself enough to value your own opinions. Don’t be afraid to speak up and out against anything contradicting your beliefs and confidence. Stand firm within yourself and go after what you want. Always remember that music only intensifies your emotions. Feeling in love? Listening to “The Truth” by Miss Arie will only make you ready for marriage. Feeling upset with your spouse? Listening to “Cut Her Off” will only fuel you and make you feel tough enough to walk away. It all starts in your mind; make good decisions and be YOU! It’s a huge slap in the face to God when you’re not living life as yourself. He took His time to sculpt and create you in His image. Seek Him for your identity and role in this world… do not depend on the newest chick on Love and Hip Hop to determine who YOU are.

Romans 12:2 NLT reads,  “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect”

Be Easy and Confidently YOU!


Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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