{Motivation Monday} Apply Purpose Here By: Tamara Thorpe-Jones


“There’s this guy that I know. I’ve known him for close to 15 years. As we were growing up, I assumed he had plan for his life, a vision just like I had and the rest of the kids my age. Fast forward some years later, he found himself stuck. Not happy, not fulfilled with what he was doing in his life. Yeah he made good money, but he felt useless.

He was working at a plant and after some time of being employed there, he began to refer to himself as a “dummy button pusher”. He referred to himself as this because his job required him to do the same repeat motion, pushing a button and pressure was applied to some sort of auto part. At some point in his life, he stopped believing that he could have more, he never attempted to find out what his purpose was and he found himself stuck, unfulfilled and being a “dummy button pusher”, applying pressure to steal for auto parts.

My title today is,


This Lesson was introduced by Teacher and Soon to Be First Lady of Righteous Youth Church (9755 Chalmers Detroit, MI)Tamara Thorpe-Jones
During a Bible Study weeks ago and the Revelation of Purpose and APPLYING PURPOSE for some reason has echoed through my thoughts for Months now!

Now as a child of a God ..actually not even just being a child of God because well all have purpose…..

And somewhere That can Produce Gain…

So the Title provoked a different response because i already knew i had gifts but i was forced to ask myself….

Have i Applied my Gifts somewhere and honestly i had mixed feelings about the answer!!

Okay…So Now that I’ve found a problem…who can I Blame…
I must Blame someone Otherwise…
Noone else can be held Responsible but myself. .. lol

But then I began to look at how i started my Day off and how it ended..
What I spent leisure time and what I produced during Work hours!!

I realized that i hadnt applied those gifts at all…that i hadn’t applied purpose anywhere but I had been waiting and expecting different results despite application of Purpose? ?!!

Thats insanity Yahll! ! Lol

But once I began to play over Tamara Thorpe-Jones Lesson i began to hold myself accountable and I began to look at people who did what i wanted to do or where just successful Period….

And now I Apply Purpose Everywhere Bevause I Cant Lose Wont Lose Because I have Purpose. …and Finally Understand that Success cant Be Had… Until


have issues Staying Committed to Your Purpose…

Figured we’d post a video for you guys!! Hope it Helps!!

Remember As God’s Creations we All Have Purpose But its Not Til We Apply that We Can Benefit from it!

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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