The Boat

You might have to read this a few times but its so rich! ! Awesome Parable!

The Vile Mint

An angel and devil appear on a man’s shoulders. We have all seen this before. Right verse wrong. Good verse evil.

But, It is not that simple, is it?

It’s not good vs evil. More accurately, It would be closer to the truth to say evil vs not-so-evil; Evil vs man.


A young man sits alone on a small island as he gazes over the infinite horizon.

The sun rises and the sun sets. The first day.

On the second day, the man notices that there are two boats circling him.

A devil yells out to him:

“Hey! Man! swim out to me and you can leave this island.”

The sea wasn’t rough. There were no waves. There were no signs of creatures of the deep. The choice was there.

From the other boat came the voice of a sailor.

“Hey, brother! Cut down a tree and build a boat…

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