{Letters From Her} Are You Listening

             Are You Listening???

“Lord show me a sign, please let me know if we’re suppose to be together. In Jesus name I pray, Amen”.


  How many of us can be honest and say this has been or is something you just prayed this morning? Seems like as soon as we say Amen we’re arguing with our spouse! Nothing major but it seems like everything he does is childish and she’s always nagging. Communication between the two has become extinct. Yes, there was a time when the two of you could just sit and talk for hours upon hours. However.. Yall can just barely have a complete conversation via text.

   Now things are so out of order because God has never been or is no longer your focus. The attention that you once gave the provider of stability and comfort has been redirected to your boo. Our God is a very jealous God and will strip you of any and everything that you are worshipping. But keep in mind that the same God that will strip you is the same God that will do all that He has to to save His children.

“Lord, it’s me again.. I need your help! Things are getting worse. We’re always arguing and nothing seems to flow. Help me be the woman that this man needs”. Or “Father God strengthen my patience as I grow with her”. Ummm well aren’t these signs that YOU asked for??? There’s NO coincidence when you know Christ! There’s no such thing as “something told me to leave him”
“something told me she was lying” NEWS FLASH!!!! 

That something is the HOLY SPIRIT in us warning us of the pain that’s to come if we continue on with the route we’re on.
We have to stop limiting the voice of God! He’s more than just a loud, spooky voice in the sky that shakes the earth when He speaks! He answers our prayers through people, in the reading of His word and obeying the words that He’s speaking into our hearts. 

Please stop feeding and nurturing dead soil. Soil whose only purpose is to dirty us up and leave stains on our belongings. Have we forgotten that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy?? He’s coming to kill your joy. Steal your love and destroy your confidence. Also be mindful that the enemy hears our prayers too!

BUT because we serve a God whose words are final I decree and declare that you are equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit and that you will fight back! Freedom belongs to you and strength is provided at this time! Father God we ask for discernment at this time so that we use your judgement before adding new people into our lives. Remind us  that we can’t just tell anyone where our strength and fuel for purpose lies. Oh Lord be our sight when we are blinded by love. Be our decision maker and correct us when we fail to seek your peace. Remind us that relationships should be stemmed from purpose and not pleasure and pain. We love you Lord and Thankyou for the signs. 

Be Easy,


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