{Christian Rant } Pass The Collection Plate

Pass around the Collection Plate! !

A phrase that I used to cringe everytime i heard it !!

But relax im not about to go down the list with pay pal or credit card options. .

Even though i wouldn’t mind!! Hahaha

But the

collection plate is more of a metaphor!

Allow Me to Digress for a Moment and tell you
The Parable of the TALENTS


Matthew 25

A Man Entrusted


to his servants and told them to

Invest them

•1 servant he gave 5 bags of silver
• 2nd Servant 2 bags of Silver
• 3rd Servant only Received 1 bag of Silver!

The 1 servant took his bags of silver invested them the 2nd servant did the same….
But the 3rd saw what the other servants recieved and hid his bag of silver in the ground!!

When the Master Returned
The 1st servant had used his 5 talents and produced 5 more

The master said, “Great and Faithful servant let’s celebrate and gave him More Responsibilities”

The 2nd had went to work also and produced 2 more and the master was happy and gave him more responsibility and said, “lets celebrate”

But the 3rd returned the 1 bag of silver to him and he said, ” you could have at least invested the money in the back at least then it could have gained interest”

Then called him a slothful servant took his talent aka money and gave it to the servant that had gained 5 and casted him to eternal darkness!!


Okay now that weve had bible study its all good!!

What does this have to do with a collection plate??!!

Im glad you asked because the purpose of the collection plate is to put money in it Then pass it down and the earning go toward the Church!!

So let me start this by asking a question

Do You Have Anything to Put in the Collection Plate? ?

is it more than you were given…has it multiplied

See the story of the Talents remind me of Us… human nature…
See someone who is flourishing in Their Gift but because we dont have what they have we DEVALUE ours and neglect our own Gifts….not knowing they were given to be given back with interest and more would be given!!

Not taking shots at the 9 to 5’ers but are you truly using what GOD has given you or have you just taken that job put your head in the dirt (not fighting for promotion or elevate) just thankful to be working right??

Wrong!! Your the Slothful Servant Afraid as he was of Losing Your Job…
Afraid of Failure or Rejection so you dont even try!!

When the scripture says….
“You could have least put it in the


at least their it produce interest”

Meaning Simply. .
You should have atleast put it toward something atleast it would have developed and grown!! Produced interest! !

I know this isnt Motivational MONDAY But in Our Lives We were Given Bags of Silver and God comes everyday and we have nothing to give…

Nothing to Put in the Collection Plate…

We too BUSY MAD about somebodys elses success!

Spending our time Idolizing the Final Product or EVIDENCE of somebodys Hard Work!!

That when i remembered why I always went to church late. ..i was afraid of coming there and Never having anything to give…

But whats crazy that didnt make me go home and grind…
So that the Next time i would.. it made me make excuses…
Take shots at churchs who always wanted money…

When everywhere i go… they want my money and i have no problem but the one place that asks for more Work than Money offended me…

More growth..upset me!!

So bevause i never put nothing in the Collection Plate i never had nothing to get out…
But whats scary what if that means everytime i dont multiply or even work on my Gifts God is giving away opportunity that WAS FOR ME TO SOMEONE ELSE WHOSE WORKED ALL THE WHILE!!

But imagine if we’d only knew what could happen TRYING to be the Greatest Version Of Me despite what we saw other people doing. ..

We couldnt wait til God came to us and see what we had for him
But until then…


Pass The Collection Plate

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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