ChristianRant Gone Viral…Not Hollywood! !




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So We Know You Guys Have Been Spoiled with the Monday throught Friday Rants! ! And Trust Weve Loved Ranting with You guys but Now

Here at The Christian Rant  weve decided to take our Talents to South Beach….

Not Really

More like Southfield to Nocturnal Studios where well be Ranting on a Segment Of


Every Sunday Night 6pm -8pm!!
You dont want to Miss it because Now You Can Hear the Emotion that some Words Written could never convey!!

Now because we do have a few writers here theyll still will be the occasional #RandomRant that you can check the page out for…

You never know when well decide to let One Rip!!

But Fridays Wil Still Belong to Her ♡

And we Promise You A Treat Every Week From Her!!

But Join Us on Ohsoradio. ..go download the app and RANT WITH ME ON AIR! !

We love you guys! !

And remember #ReaderRants
Are still in Full effect so if you ever got some Tea or just straight Rant to get offf your chest heres your outlet

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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