[Motivation Monday] Mr. MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY Pastor Matthew Jones


Good Morning America! ! Yea coming off such a Blessed weekend and excited about another week to go after Greatness but Aspiration is only your Imagination without Preparation follwed by Implementation …
So with that being said we here at TheChristianRant we always, well most of us who get up in time, {shots fired}
..but i digress
Like to Start our Mondays with Pastor Matthew Jones (@pastormattj) at
712-432-8399 code: 690570 where he gives a Word for the week that will have you motivated and excited about…Your Greatness!!
Who wakes up extra early on Monday of all days to pour into somebody else for their own success??

That Guy!!! Lol

15 minutes of a Great Word a Quick Prayer then Jump Start Greatness,  and the Perfect part is you dont even have to climb out of your bed! !

I dont know about you but ill Be starting my day with the MONDAY MOTIVATION CALL AT 8AM
..BUT FOR THOSE WHO CANT WAKE UP AT 8 {shots reported again} lol

The call will play all day long for 12 hours after 8am!! Dont miss it
7124328399 code 690570

Just Pretend Everything You Need to Be Who You Want to be will be on the phone today at 8am and dont miss it! !
7124328399 code 690570



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