{Letters From Her } Shift Your Focus


             Shift your focus!

UGH! Ebola this, Mike Brown that, twerk-off, her eyebrows on fleek, are your true religion jeans real, they have a bridge card, he not even saved forreal, is that her real hair, black rights, she gets unemployment checks, he sells drugs, she still lives at home with her momma, they had children out of wedlock … and baybeeeeeee the list goes on and on and ON.  I just have one thing to say…      


People are so busy worrying about what everyone else is doing and the actions of their peers that we’re failing to realize that we’re not taking action of our OWN lives. Sounds a bit redundant doesn’t it? Well allow me to break it down and put it in terms that you might understand… While you’re stalking her Instagram and sending screenshots to your friends guess what?? She’s living!! While you’re trying to figure out if his shoes are real… he’s still breathing!!!

The moment we peep that their whereabouts will do absolutely NOTHING for us is the same moment that we will use that attention that we are showing them to better ourselves.

Why we’re googling  if Beyonce and Jay-Z are still married.. have we tried figuring out why there has been an increase in the building of prisons? Or have we even paid attention to the unnatural increase in homicides? You know… ways YOU can eliminate children in YOUR city going to bed hungry or even most importantly Do you even know who Jesus is????

Life is SO much more than waking up… scrolling your social media timeline and finding reasons to bicker. It’s about impacting lives and leaving more than just your negative opinions and fuel-less dreams.  Do your part to help someone aspire to be something other than what the media is exposing. Our children are our future. Feed them, nurture them, educate them as to where they came from and expose them to a lifestyle that they could one day emulate.

I think we fail to realize just how much social media affects our everyday thinking and processing of information. I’ve noticed the difference in individuals that watch reality television and those that do not. Those that are not consumed with the joke of reality television tend to be a tad bit more sensible and confident in themselves. They seem to appear in their own way and information is processed differently. They are the exhorters and lovers of all type of people. You know, the “thermostats”. Individuals that are able to turn the mood up when they walk into a room and whose opinions matter to people. That’s how we should all be! Instead of turning your nose up at the young lady that dresses well and speaks with wisdom converse with her and ask her what helps smile when life hits her with tears.

We need one another. We need interaction and smiles. God never intended for us to be alone. Get over your pride, get out of your feelings and love on someone! It’s hard to love someone when you don’t like yourself. Again, ask God to show you how to love not only yourself, those that make you happy but also those that have hurt you. Ask Him to reveal to you the wonderful things that you posses so that you can spread happiness to those with sadden hearts.

Stop being so selfish and pour out greatness! There’s an entire world waiting to be changed by your next wonderful idea!

  Be Easy,


Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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