{Christian Rant } Letters From Her

Him: Hi there beautiful
Me: Hello there sir
Him: Do you have a man
Me: Yes I do
Him: What does that have to do with me?


And before yall ladies say that you hate this saying understand that females have a very similar rebuttal.

Him: Posting pictures of him and his lady
Her: He treats her so well and is so cute. Im gonna like all his pictures and post an emoji on every picture.
Him: Well you know that im in a relationship
Her: I don’t want a relationship. I can be your sideline chick


. Side line??

Whatever happened to exclusiveness?Whatever happened the joy of having SOMEONE and being more than satisfied with the love that’s provided to you from this person? What do you mean you look forward to being boyfriend number two? Who started this whole “no title” shenanigans? Why are my people so greedy? Or are we too willing to just share with any and everybody? Whatever happened to faithfulness and the desire to be monogamous? There was a time when one man was enough for a woman and one lady was sufficient for a gentleman.

Accepting ANYTHING less than what you deserve is a foolish mistake. You deserve someone’s undivided attention. You are entitled to everything that you’re willing to provide. HOWEVER, it is VERY important that you are who you want to be with!!!

Stop making request to be treated like royalty if you’re nothing but a rejected peasant! Act like a Hoodrat… Attract a hoodlum. Present yourself as a lady and you’ll attract a gentleman. It’s simple. But be digressed…

The worst thing you could EVER do is sell yourself short. Understand that your time is your most precious commodity!! You can never get it back!!! If the spark is gone either gone head and rekindle the flame or let it go! Sharing isn’t caring when it comes to relationships!!! You are too special to be someone’s option!!!

Confidence is the key true happiness! With confidence we can love ourselves as God loves us so we don’t have to settle for honey boo boo’s conditional love. Love is MANY things but it is definitely not doubt, frustration, lies nor is it belittling. Know your worth and in the words of our founder, “stop giving CPR to dead situations”!!!!

Be Cool      


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