{Christian Rant} Letters From “Her”

“You are who you hang around”

. Growing up I’ve always heard my elders say this but never really paid attention to the seriousness of this statement. Along with

“Birds of a flock stick together”

.. I counted it all as chatter … well, until recently. See, who you spend time with has an impact on your thought process, emotions and actions. We tend to hang around what’s comfortable and most friendships are birthed by expressing similar interests.

“Treat others how you’d like to be treated.” Oh this is a good one. All too often we treat people how they treat us instead of being neutral & expressing a general respect for the next person. Treating people how they treat us only results in OUR feeling being hurt. Some of us should be happy that our “friends” don’t treat us the way we treat them. We sometimes use, abuse and abandon our loved ones. However, expecting our friends to love on us, nurture us and care about us unconditionally isn’t fair on their behalf.

Just because you are a very giving & considerate person doesn’t mean that your friend is unappreciative, we all have different love languages. Falling in love with potential is YOUR fault. It’s not fair nor is it healthy to hold someone accountable for what YOU see in them. If your spouse is okay being an employee but yet you think they could be an owner… compliment them on their leadership skills and leave it alone versus bashing them every time they cash a check with someone’s name signed at the bottom.  We fail to realize that we are all very much different and not everyone will be best buds or in the perfect match. Granted, he could be a great person but being great and great for you are two different things. We have to stop getting upset over things we have no dominion over. Let’s put an end to desiring mind control over individuals and accepting who they are and the flaws in their love.

Buttttttttt, I’ve digressed… a little too far.

 Who you hang around and attract is a representation of WHO YOU ARE. We are to be surrounded around individuals that can take us higher and motivate us to push forward when it seems as if we’re being pulled down. If you are an inspiring entrepreneur, it’s probably not a good idea to be surrounded by Paula the procrastinator, Hazel the hater and doubtful Doug. Almost every word that will flow from their lips will be of limitation.

The moment that we realize that we can’t be friends with any and everyone is the moment we take our mind and heart into consideration. It’s perfectly fine to love yourself more than the idea of unnecessary and draining company. Please cut away any and everything that is not helping you produce fruit. Keep in mind that flowers aren’t the only thing growing in the garden.. weeds are there also.

 Be bold in Christ and recognize that your time is the most commodity that you can NEVER  get back. Love yourself and protect your heart above all else.


Be Easy,     



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