{Letters From Her} Searching With My Eyes Closed

Digging in my purse, searching and searching again. Looking in the same places for something that was NEVER there. I can’t tell you why but I KEPT returning to this place where I KNEW there was no solution.. sounds all too bit of familiar doesn’t it??

How many of us have OR should I say is currently feeding into someone or thing that was bad for our entire appetite? Or maybe I should say… entertaining something that shouldn’t have ever gained your attention??

We mess up when we seek joy, happiness, peace and comfort in our spouse, friend, job or drug. We strive to feel valued and appreciated. We desire affirming words and quality time that leaves us speechless.


we make the mistake of placing our entire sense of sanity into the unstable hands of someone that doesn’t believe in reciprocation. All the love, attention and affection that we provide never seem to make its way back to us.

no boomerang action huh?

BUT what if I told you that I know a man that’ll love you regardless of the pain you drag Him thru?? A man that forgives, redeems and restores love like no other?? He provides a high without dirty urine and grants you peace that no piece of revenge could provide. GOD  can be your everything… IF YOU let Him!!

I listened to Latch by Disclosure & Sam Smith. (Wonderful song sang by a beautiful voice I might add) now to think, if we desired to be with God like we do the people in our lives… what a difference it would make. If we placed Jesus in this song it would display the perfect love story. Anything involving our Father is perfect because it was created by the Father. His love is everlasting!

“Got you shackled in my embrace… im latching onto you”

“You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down”

“I feel we’re close enough … I wanna lock in your love”

YO!!!! If we loved and gave ourself to our creator disappointment would cease and we would be confident in His word.

We have to stop trying to find help when God already provided the answers!!

Stay strong and rooted in His love. He has so much in store for you!

Be Easy,



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