{Letters From Her} The Ideal Woman

               The Ideal Woman


There is power in being a woman that prays. A woman who first has a relationship with Christ and loved ones second. To be a woman whose wisdom is sought after.  A faithful, gentle, respected, loved and admired Lady of Virtue. To live a Righteous lifestyle and abide by the commandments with joy is ideal. To smile when tears are forming and laugh when an attitude could be present is definitely a gift from God. To remain optimistic despite the disappointment and prayerful when the troubles come rolling in. To display the fruits of the Spirit and isn’t afraid to get to work. To be a woman composed of all 31 proverbs with courage like Queen Esther. A woman who isn’t afraid to offer up an uncensored praise and whose worship isn’t about her but all about submission to God. She expresses her gratitude and loves despite her emotions.

Enough with deeming yourself royalty and a prize just because you’re a female. Yes, we are wonderfully created beings HOWEVER… ask yourself… Am I a benefit to anyone? Is my existence worthwhile? What will be remembered long after im gone? WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL?? If you don’t have an answer some serious work needs to be done because simply stating that you’re a lady ISNT ENOUGH. we all have vaginas… what dat mind do tho?? we all have these requests and demands but are we what we require?? I want you to think about it and not only just ask God to mold you BUT listen to His instruction!

Every great thing is always under construction.. allow God to break you down and build a masterpiece out of your life.


Be blessed. Be beautiful and Crazy in love with Jesus.

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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