{Christian Rant } Letters From “Her”

Take a moment and ask yourself… is this you?

Am I who I say I am or am I just wishing helplessly? Do I see the potential in the person I can become or am I becoming that person? Ladies my ladies, im going to get all in your face with this one… am I claiming to be a Proverbs 31 woman yet failing to read all the chapters prior to? Oh… did that hurt? Was that offensive??  Well good! A good friend of mine said a while ago that conviction brings forth correction. We all can use probing questions to gain a better understanding of our purpose and to have a clear view of what we’re attempting to achieve. The bible does state that without a plan the people will perish so if you’re unaware of your purpose and would like to work towards actually living a life vs. breathing to death check out…


Okay but I’ve digressed.

All in all, we need to allow the words that come out our mouth reflect the lifestyle that we are living. We must offer what we require. So many of us what to have huge sparkly rings given to us by providing husbands with a ton of money yet we don’t want to cook, clean or gain an education for ourselves. As the founder of Christian Rant said himself, “tired won’t feed me”. Meaning your excuses won’t get the job done. We want a man to sponsor and fund our dreams and aspirations but we won’t even motivate him, support him or pour into his spirit when he’s empty. Seems like the only language that is spoken is nagging negativity and the favorite word being used is no. Now I know that the bible states that a WIFE is suppose to submit to her HUSBAND as he submits to Christ. Some of us are submitting to our boyfriends whose only idea of submission coincides with having sex. BUTTTTT that’s not why I’m here.


I want you all to take a moment and re-evaluate the individuals that you’re exposed to. What you have access to have a HUGE impact on who you become. The things that you accept begin to shape and mold your way of thinking and eventually the ideas you make. Today’s lesson, monitor the people you have pouring into your life. The impact they have is much greater than you think.


Be easy,


Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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