{Christian Rant } Celebration of Gifts

So After This “Unashamed” Acceptance Speech it really began to get me thinking!

Lecrae did say “JESUS” but it began to have me thinking about when Secular Artists who have made it to fame with a ANTI MESSAGE Thank “God” for their Success. …but what God are they referring too??

Always wondered how they could produce an Album or Body of Work that went completely against The Word of the God they claim to Represent? ?

Funny how we Thank God for things he wants no parts of…

Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj thanking God for winning awards is like George Zimmerman thanking God his gun didnt jam or that he didn’t get caught! !! Lol

Before People call me Judgmental I challenge you Think Outside the Box of Defense and Loose Common Sense!! Why spend so much time working for someone but thanking someone else you NEVER involved in the process anyway…

Be Real Because God wants the Glory for things that Bring and Uplift his name…..not the Gifts of Sell outs that have Reached Fame!!

Keep it 💯

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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