{Letters From Her} Strangers

How many of us remember or still live at home with mom and dad?

You do?? Okay great!

Well let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Do you recall the rule… don’t have anybody in my house without my permission? Or the fact that you had a curfew? Maybe yall had grandparents like I did that made you come on the porch when the street lights came on?

Ringing bells now?

If not what about what happens afterwards? After you decide that you’re gonna do what YOU want to do? You get punished. And it seems to be to the highest degree doesn’t it? Phone gets taken away. Television privileges are revoked and no allowance. Sounds like prison huh?

Well how do you think your parents felt when you disobeyed their demands and had strangers in their house? Seems like it didn’t matter how much you THOUGHT you knew your friends; mom’s just didn’t like him/her. And after that one good fight or one heated argument you peeped that he/she was exactly who your parents said they were.

Sounds a bit familiar huh? No?

So glad it does!!

Let’s take a look at from God’s point of view? Growing up we were always told that our bodies are a temple. That it’s God’s sanctuary. I like to look at as God’s house. How many times have we had uninvited guests in His home? How many times has He told us time and time again that “this” person is no good yet we continue to give them the key to every single door? We are violating His commands and demands with our selfish ambition and desire to have someone around. That “someone” is killing you while Jesus is trying to give you life.

Its time to do an inventory check!! Ask God AND LISTEN TO HIS VOICE as to who needs to be in your life. Freedom from soulties ONLY comes from obedience! Stop tying knots in what God is attempting to free you from. And stop having folks in His house after He told you no more company!!


Be Easy,


Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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