{Letters From Her} Dear Black You


Dear black you.

(yes, my light brights, paper bags and chocolate bars all alike)

  There has to come a point in your life when you say enough is enough. A time has to come when you say that I will take control of my life. You have to be brave enough to stand up against stagnation in your mind. I want you to recognize the value that your life possess. Understand the best love is self-love. But you won’t know self-love until you get to know the Creator.

 With so many issues being surfaced in today’s society it’s important that we have to be appreciative as to who we are and who we belong to.

I just want to let you know a little about yourself since we have seemed to forget…


Black man, you are a leader.

You are valued, respected, loved, admired, protecting, providing and cultivating. Thankyou for your boldness and the courageous moves. I support your dreams and will motivate your ambition. You are or will be a great father. You are a wonderful son, brother, cousin and friend. You don’t need to sag or wear your clothes 3 times too big. Thankyou for working on yourself to set us free from self-esteem slavery. Without you our tribe dies… so I thankyou for producing life.


Black woman, you are needed


You are respected. You are trusted and sought after. Your hands hold power to change this world. The land needs your support and strict rules. The children need your teachings and nurturing love. Enough with sink sitting booty pics and only focus to swing around the pole. Love on you so that you can love on those around you. Cook dinner, clean up and be a LADY. Watch what comes out of your mouth and don’t yell at men. Keep your hands to yourself and be slow to get angry. Wear more dresses, stop caking on makeup and walk with your head high.

 There is potential and purpose in YOU. I see it and will tell you EVERYTIME I feel the need to.

Stay confident & be easy,


Rant Over,
Christian Rant


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