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{Letters From Her} Breaking Out of Religion

Church hurt leaves the church HURT. Stop looking for God to appear in humans. Yes, He uses His children BUT they are NOT Him! Yes, you can have the anticipation of His love and mercy to be displayed from the church folk BUT how many people are in the church and not OF IT? YES, I went there!!!



So now all your hope and faith rests in the decision of fellow believers versus the ONE we ARE to believe IN.     

Sounds crazy right?    As crazy as it sounds, it happens EVERY single day!


Leaving the church because someone hurt their feelings or because someone didn’t acknowledge them. Folks don’t know how to receive the walk of their neighbor in the congregation. Being defensive of their emotions versus defending the faith. Quick to put on a lamp shade when placed in a dark area and even faster throwing shade when Godly correction is given.

If no one else tells you this let me go on record and say…

Your pastor is NOT God.

Your neighbor that sits next to you is NOT God.

The nurse, worship leader, First Lady, Deacon, server, usher nor is the greeter is God.

You dun held their words and opinions to such a standard that now you’re mad at God because YOU indirectly and unknowingly made these ”church folk” an idol. Now if it’s ONE thing we all know about God is that He is a VERY jealous God! He does NOT like when we put things above Him nor does He like when we place opinions of others over the facts that He provided. Stop holding them accountable for the growth of YOUR relationship with God.

“The church” can’t heal you!!!!! Stop using Sunday Service and fellowship as band-aids. The wound can ONLY be healed when it is exposed to what it cannot see… only feel (air). Allow God to be the only one you have the expectation of healing from. Let Him be the air. Do not depend on a hug from the greeter or a complement from the most virtuous woman in the church. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT HUMANS.

FULLY rely on Christ and watch as He grants you EVERYTHING you could possibly desire.


Go to church empty BUT with the expectation of being filled ONLY by God. You don’t need to be filled with processed revelations. Get to know God for YOURself.


   Be Easy and Remain Honest,

Rant Over,
Christian Rant


[Christian Rant ] NO TITLES


I’ve Decided to Break My Silence On Such Artists like Mali Music, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Social Club and Many More!

The Last 3 years a Trend has began to engulf the industry where The word Genre has become cryptic and many artists have decided to convert to an already Saturated Group. Instead of Standing Out and Remaining in a Less Mainstream Coveted Genre of Music artists have dropped the Christian and began to just call it RAP or HIP HOP !

Some artists have said that they are trying to Free themselves from the Limitations a Christian Based Platform can have.

Now while I Remain a Huge Fan of all these artists They’re Legacy/Message has Tainted the Culture and NOT in a good way!

In The Early 2000’s Gospel Rap began to get Recognition as Many Artists made it known that theyre message was dedicated to Christ and they werent “ASHAMED” to speak that message.

Headed by the First Gospel Rap Artist Album to be Nominated for a Grammy …Flame but now after Countless Grammys , B.E.T. Awards and Secular Big Name Producer’s Recognition even a few reality shows later The Christian Agenda has Become Taboo!

The Message has become too OFFENSIVE to be Spoken Directly and now many Former Gospel Artists have Found Refuge in Hip Hop / Neo Soul/Inspirational so on and sonforth. As for Subliminal Christ-Like Punch Lines and metaphors artists have found more ways to smuggle a watererd down christian message in the ears of hip hop heads everywhere!

Funny thing is while slipping Christian Conversation in Pop Culture They’ve Tainted the Standard and Have almost Completely Camouflaged the Culture and True Bold Christian Music has almost completely  become extinct!

Ive listened to Mali Music and Truthfully I can’t find too much difference in His Sound….
Outside of subtle words as before he’d say “Yahweh or Christ” to now More of a General “God” !

Thats what Bothers Me the most that His sound Remains the Same But The Glory being Given to God has become generalized phrases to leave the listener to their own undwrstanding or imagination. So since saying christ Stunts Your Popularity or Growth the message is no longer

Who God is….now we only hear about who we are…or should i say

Mali Is… but The Listener forgets who we were supposed to be talking about in the first place.

And thats God always!
Rant Over,
I am MeechReal

Mali Music: Yahweh

Mali Music: Fight For You

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Rant Over,
Christian Rant

{Letters From Her} Lies From The PIT of Hell

Whoever made up the statement,

“to get over something you have get under something new


I mean they told a lie straight from the pit of hell. The real cure to get over whats killing you is to completely cut it off.

Think of it like this… when someone’s finger loses its functionality and ability to allow blood to flow; the doctors make the decision to cut it off. After all whats the point of having something dead hanging on to whats alive. That’s like trying to feed someone that’s already in the casket.

Serving absolutely no purpose.

What I’ve learned is that we are unable to GET OVER anything we are STUCK IN. Too many of us are trying to get over someone that we’re still “in love” with. It’s like trying to climb out of a hole with shovels on our hands yet our feet have drills on them placing us deeper in the ground.

Many of us are not only allowing soul ties to form but we are tying knots with lies and unregretful sins that haunt us our entire life. Holding on to what’s killing us so we might as well call it suicide.

My point? Value yourself enough to walk away from what’s hurting you so that you can end generation upon generation of tears.

Be Easy.


Rant Over,
Christian Rant

{Christian Rant } Celebration of Gifts

So After This “Unashamed” Acceptance Speech it really began to get me thinking!

Lecrae did say “JESUS” but it began to have me thinking about when Secular Artists who have made it to fame with a ANTI MESSAGE Thank “God” for their Success. …but what God are they referring too??

Always wondered how they could produce an Album or Body of Work that went completely against The Word of the God they claim to Represent? ?

Funny how we Thank God for things he wants no parts of…

Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj thanking God for winning awards is like George Zimmerman thanking God his gun didnt jam or that he didn’t get caught! !! Lol

Before People call me Judgmental I challenge you Think Outside the Box of Defense and Loose Common Sense!! Why spend so much time working for someone but thanking someone else you NEVER involved in the process anyway…

Be Real Because God wants the Glory for things that Bring and Uplift his name…..not the Gifts of Sell outs that have Reached Fame!!

Keep it 💯

Rant Over,
Christian Rant

{Motivational Monday} Passion

Inspiration comes from Man Places and Sometimes You Need the Perspective of Others to Be Inspired Yourself enjoy! !!

Rant Over,
Christian Rant

{Christian Rant } OhSo Radio !!! Tune in 6pm



Download the Ohsoradio app and tune in!!


Rant Over,
Christian Rant

{Christian Rant } Letters From “Her”

Take a moment and ask yourself… is this you?

Am I who I say I am or am I just wishing helplessly? Do I see the potential in the person I can become or am I becoming that person? Ladies my ladies, im going to get all in your face with this one… am I claiming to be a Proverbs 31 woman yet failing to read all the chapters prior to? Oh… did that hurt? Was that offensive??  Well good! A good friend of mine said a while ago that conviction brings forth correction. We all can use probing questions to gain a better understanding of our purpose and to have a clear view of what we’re attempting to achieve. The bible does state that without a plan the people will perish so if you’re unaware of your purpose and would like to work towards actually living a life vs. breathing to death check out…


Okay but I’ve digressed.

All in all, we need to allow the words that come out our mouth reflect the lifestyle that we are living. We must offer what we require. So many of us what to have huge sparkly rings given to us by providing husbands with a ton of money yet we don’t want to cook, clean or gain an education for ourselves. As the founder of Christian Rant said himself, “tired won’t feed me”. Meaning your excuses won’t get the job done. We want a man to sponsor and fund our dreams and aspirations but we won’t even motivate him, support him or pour into his spirit when he’s empty. Seems like the only language that is spoken is nagging negativity and the favorite word being used is no. Now I know that the bible states that a WIFE is suppose to submit to her HUSBAND as he submits to Christ. Some of us are submitting to our boyfriends whose only idea of submission coincides with having sex. BUTTTTT that’s not why I’m here.


I want you all to take a moment and re-evaluate the individuals that you’re exposed to. What you have access to have a HUGE impact on who you become. The things that you accept begin to shape and mold your way of thinking and eventually the ideas you make. Today’s lesson, monitor the people you have pouring into your life. The impact they have is much greater than you think.


Be easy,


Rant Over,
Christian Rant