[Christian Rant] I Done Seen it All Volume 1: Jeezy Vs Jakes


Man We fought Over and Over about Titles for this One…
But ill say this…it was a Win Win!!

We Kicked Around

Ministry Over Money?

Jeezy Vs Jesus

Bishop Gone Knock You Out

The list went on and on but after a few arguements…head shakes…and sneak disses to one another on Instagram…we decided on..
I Done Seen it All lol

So if you havent heard the story that dropped almost 11 days ago, according to financialjuneteenth Bishop T.D. Jakes is Suing The Rapper Young Jeezy for his Song “Holy Ghost Remix” on his Album I done seen it all
See why we chose the title…

But i Digress

Jakes issue is that on the song their is a portion of a sermon “dont let the chatter stop you” played/sampled on the track and Jakes’ legal teams case is that the sermon was used without permission and/or consent and that the use/distribution should be STOPPED immediately !


Now that your up to speed this is where the Rant begins…
My understanding of “Ministry” is a little different than some people’s but from my Understanding The Act of Ministering..or Teaching the Gospel TRUE PURPOSE IS TO REACH THE MASSES.

Dont get me Wrong when Jesus traveled and told the Gospel people met him with Gifts…he also recieved favor over Men but somewhere along the line some Pastors have become businessmen and Ministry has become Tax Deductible Shout out to the “50/50 Teachers and Profits”


Now when i say Pastors their is no way enough Data to compound the facts of WHO these Pastors are thats why its a general statement but the case of the matter is…
When Did Ministry Become A Cash On Delivery Process??

Pastor’s should Be paid…but it seems like This New Generation of Pastors of La, Detroit..etc is starting to paint a Picture of these Men of God As more like Moguls and Not Ministers?

Pastor YPJ (@YPJ77) Johnathan Miller said at a Youth Conference I attended in Detroit,Michigan IGNITE, “When You Use Your Gift to Minister…The World will try and Get you become Mainstream…but thats Not Ministry..They will throw Money and Fame at You…
But with Your Gift those things Will Come.. But they are supposed to FOLLOW YOU…NOT LEAD You.”

That moment he Blessed me and helped me understand what Ministry really was…

Then to turn around and Hear Bishop Jakes is upset that a Rapper who has 4 Albums that Peaked at 1 on the billboard Charts..Sold Millions of Copies that This person is Promoting THE GOSPEL but its a problem and he wants it to be Stopped because he isnt being paid?…or asked permission??

What if i record his sermon on my DVR and have some people come over and they watch it..
He gone come for me too??

Is the day coming that Before church their’s gonna be a disclaimer thats comes on just like the one that plays before MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL …
About rightful consent and copyrights then….AMEN!

Because JEEZY didnt get permission to Re Use A WORD THAT GOD GAVE BISHOP JAKES!!


Young Jeezy has influence over a group of people that The Bishop may not EVER be able to reach…
But if The Bishop Jakes Ministries doesnt get any money or wasnt asked to use the clip…

I guess that Kid who always listens to Jeezy but never Heard Jakes who could be Blessed and be
Introduced to The Word.. guess that isnt payment enough..

what if 1 kid was Blessed but nobody got paid… would it still matter??

Whats the Difference between Christians and Motivational Speakers or Public Figures of the World if Christians Act the Same way…??

Honorariums stop ministry…?
Big Names No Longer Seen in the same small churches they started from…
..all because of Money??

What scripture is the part when Christs like wait… how wealthy is the city before i go and perform any miracles?
dont worry ill wait…
No i wont we dont got all day!

While were calling lawyers and talking bout lawsuits.. .someones lost and we wont help them be found…because. .the paperwork was mishandled

But what if…

its not about the money. .we just want the Gospel to be Heard

And Now days The Preachers of LA Are The Only examples The World has on a Global level …
Are they making The Kingdom Proud. ..
How bout God? ?

….ive noticed we see how Big the houses are , and the cars…
We learn the Family Businesses. ..
But Its very rare times we see Ministry. .
Now days our Pastors are in Movies on television have Bentleys and Rang Rovers…
Some even hang out with the Likes of 50 cent, 2 Chainz..Lil wayne, etc….and if you didnt know any better.. this could confuse you…..

Im just thankful My Pastor doesnt have to get Permission to Teach on Wednesday and Sunday…

Sure Hate for My Pastor to be Sued by Man by using Gods word!!

My Opinion. .
Bishop Jakes.. let..this…Go..
If this song won over 1 new heart .

Thats what its all about….

As of 3 days back the version of Holy Ghost has been removed from all stream outlets.. youtube,google play, etc. ..but still..

Jeezy 1 … Bishop 0
#ThisRantsNotOver #Christianrant

black enterprise.com

financial juneteenth

{Love & Happiness} Is He Yo’ Husband…Or Nahhhhhhh


Girllllllll calm down and please get out of your feelings!!!

I get it, he’s attractive, sits in the front pew at every service and doesn’t sell drugs. Seems like a “good catch” huh? well before you start planning the wedding.. breathe, step back and build a friendship! Soon and VERY soon you’ll find out the difference between a MAN of God and a CHURCH BOY! Keep in mind that just because he goes to church doesn’t mean that the devil won’t use him to throw you all the way off! Don’t be fooled.. The devil knows the bible front AND back! Yes I know that Its sooo hard being a woman of God and attempting to date! But you have to keep in mind that just because he opens the door, treats you to a few dates and compliments you doesn’t mean he wants to marry you!!! Stop trying to qualify every single guy in the church as “bae“. We have to stop trying to validate any and every guy that compliments you! Every man that you meet will NOT be your husband.. geesh if that was the case you’ll hve plenty of husbands. 

Lol but no seriously.  The best thing to do is be comfortable BEING WITH YOU.
A lot of females are afraid of being alone b/c being alone kinda forces YOU to deal with.. you. We (yes, including myself) have a lot of past issues and baggage that we are still carrying around but it would not be fair to that man that you desire if you walk up to him as “the bag lady” y’all know the Erykah Badu song. No one wants to deal with someone that’s holding on to the things of the past. I mean let’s be realistic.. would you want to be someone’s blessing that’s nothing but a burden to you??? 

Reevaluate yourself and just allow God to show you how precious and marvelous you are! He created you and knows every single thing about you!
When you adhere to what God has said to you doors will be opened, confidence will be enlisted, chains will be broken, love will be shared and desires will be met! Now trust me, I get it… You want to be married and multiply. But allow God to align you with who He has made for YOU! 

Stop entertaining any and every man without a ring on his finger and fall in love with YOU!! You’re PRECIOUS and WONDERFULLY made!
God took His time sculpting you!
Don’t make it so easy for him, him, him annnnnd him to YOUR TIME ! Soul ties are real and aren’t just created by having inter course butttttt that’s a different topic so be easy and keep God first! 

Much Love,         

[Celebrities] Blind Eye..For a White Guy??


Michael Phelps….Olympic Champion…. •18 Gold Medals….
• Cover of Sports Illustrated
• Cover of Cereal Boxes
• Countless Documentaries

And I almost forgot about his other achievements away from the diving board….

○ Failed Drug Test
○ 2 DUI’s

Quite the American Hero right??!!

Well see dont get me wrong but for some reason i havent seen any reports of them banning him from the Olympics….taking his Gold Medals..endorsement deals taken away and for some reason 1 person came to mind…


Yes!! Ray Rice. The Man that had been charged for assaulting his girlfriend at the time. Charges were dropped, him and the alleged Victim reconciled and got married and MONTHS LATER TMZ Leaks the Video and The Media Circus began. Rice lost endorsements his contract and is banned from the NFL, a sport that any other time hitting somebody is actually considered a good thing!! Lol im just saying.

So the News hit of Phelps 2nd attempt at Drunk Driving and I just knew all these agencies and peoples rights orgs would be going for his medals and his endorsements and career right? ?

Would it be wrong to say its because of Mr. RICES TAN??

Or should i say Domestic Violence takes More lives than Drunk Drivers??
Wait a minute who cares…If we Stand On Merit then Both of these public figures should be taken down a size right? ?

Public humiliation is the name of the game ..striping them from any income and labeling them humanatarian terrorists??

Thats how Rays portrayed… Michael said he was sorry and everybodys like… “hey its okay…you werent weaving back and forth through lanes and speeding THAT BAD

Once again the reason a man is held to ANY ACCOUNTABILITY only has to deal with Race…
Shout out Zimmerman…

But I digress. ..

I CALL for those medals and as long as Phelps is able to compete i have given up swimming or any water sports!!
Bye Bye ice challenge! ! Hahaha

Seriously and the Fact that Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton Denzel Washington or any other Black ACT tivist has not got involved Proves nobody cares about Blacks Right unless WHITE People are on Board…

Shout out Mike Vick vs Ben Rothlisburger (dog fighting contracts gone jail time…. Ben 4 rape cases dropped and he never missed a snap)

I wish i could boycott the Olympics but nobody watches it anyway until volleyballs on and everybody knows why…lol.
But i Digress AGAIN..


Because the only people that Say Racism doesnt Exist are The Racist Biggits In control of oppressing the people and controling the media and hiding propaganda behind it??

So in the Words of The Newest Mr.Kardashian… Kanye West….

“The media dont like BLACK PEOPLE”

*drops phone*

Christian Hip Hop Is DEAD


Now before you call Lecrae, Trip Lee or DA Truth let me explain myself. When I got SAVED the one thing I struggled with was the music I listened too.Why? Because I Loved Rap Music, DMX, CHILL MOODY, PLIES, DRAKE, TOO SHORT…ETC.

So it started to get weird, I’d leave church and turn on DMX and all I heard was F*** every other word.
So I went cold turkey, but I ain’t gone lie. .. Gospel Music is sometimes…
SAD I mean it had to be more to gospel music than just Worship music!!!

I had to figure this thing out or I’d lose either my mind or my salvation. I ended up going to a Trip Lee concert and one of the bands to open up for Trip was JAYANDJAYSOUL, they had this whole “Neo Soul meets Hip Hop Sound” and it instantly got me hooked.

That opened the Door to me listening to The 116 clique, DA Truth, Sho Baraka, Canton Jones, Andy Mine
And it was all good…I was able to make a clean break from secular music.

Then Lecrae Dropped a few that shook me, he Graced the B.E.T. AwARDS on the Cypher, then two months later he drops Church Clothes.  Don’t get me wrong he went ham…matter of fact my favorite line was, “the things they do for whips and chains…slaves” I was so hype that a Christian Rapper was in a secular arena and repped that Christ life.

Little did I know that was the beginning to the end of Gospel Rap…honestly this started a chain of events that led to the subtle Death of Christian Hip Hop!

I had to get my thoughts out, this Christian Hip Hop was driving me crazy:

Christian HIP HOP is dead
Literally It’s a wrap
Cue the organs
I’m just saying
Songs might have a beat but where’s the heart at?
I’m asking…don’t worry I’ll wait..I’ll canvass
Where’s the art at?
It’s been symptoms of disease for a while
Where’d it start at
When lecrae dropped the christian..
And said call it rap..

Since Songs promoting popping a molly
Gospel artists like I wanna make popular music
Ask mali
A nice hook a nice beat
Will have former gospel rappers
Wit tracks featuring Miley
That Cyrus
The whole genre is confused
Why that…why this…
We all know where the money at
But can u tell me what WISE is…
Been my girlfriend for years calling you wifey
The World forgot what a wife is..
Wait wait wait
Before I go to far left. .
Let me tell you what right is…
We so used to low minded thinking
We forgot what height is..

So if Mike Will Made It
And the Christian’s still play it
Then what r we saying how we feel about our savior
If you watching our behavior…

Wait we still talking bout music
I’m not saying you cant rap
But how can it free their minds
If it sounds like trap music

It’s confusing
It’s OUR music…
We came to hear the word
But all we got was a performance
Sunday morning talent shows
What happened to the service
What happened to the servants
What happened to our purpose
What happened to the worship

It’s nothing wrong wit a snazzy methophor
A dope punchline
But we straddling the fence

Are we afraid to draw the line….
Naw it’s not that…
Are you afraid you wouldn’t have barrz
Unless you were featured on
Orange is the new Black

My Point Is the Moment CHRISTIAN HIP HOP infiltrated Secular or Pop Music we were to SET A STANDARD. ..not want to LOOK like THEM…SOUND like them…Because how do we Stand Out if We don’t want to be Called Christian any More? ? Just Artist’s?

Now don’t get me wrong a Gospel Rapper don’t gotta say Jesus 100 times as LECRAE took shots at his confused christian fan base on his song “Fear” that’s featured on his New Album ANAMOLY.

Da Truths latest album HEARTBEAT didn’t say Jesus 100 times but his album still had a sense of WORSHIP..
it had the beats, the barrs, but The Heart was still there an now days
Most artists trying to crossover like CRAE did is trying too hard to sound like The World..The Fans or the Kids that need music that sets apart from Lil Wayne and Drake are missing out on a outlet and never find a alternative to rap and continue to feed their spirit while still fulfilling the desire of hearing hip hop.

But if Gospel Rappers just want to be rappers..sport The Same Glasses and Swag like the World… who appeals to the Kid that’s READY FOR CHANGE..

That’s why Christian Hip Hop Is Dead…
Once a Genre Created to pull
Hip hops from suggestive lyrics and drug and thug life commentary and once again neglected and left with no reason to change habits because the alternatives look just like issues some people are tired of being apart of…

Who knows if Hip Hop will ever be revived. .but right now it’s more about True Religions and and false doctrines
Louis V’s Jordans and Designer Shades…smh

But If I could say 1 thing to Chrustian Hip Hop on its death bed…
We miss you..and we need you..DA TRUTH can’t do it all alone…
So we all have been lost at times…
I just hope Christian Rap don’t go into the Flashing Lights. . And Let Their Light shine and come home…